About StretchFit

The stretching industry has seen huge growth in the past 3 years, with many hundreds of studios popping up. As veterans in the field, our approach is time tested, experienced and 100% effective. Although this sounds like marketing speak, after 30 years of teaching stretching and publishing 8 books on the subject, we know what works, what doesn’t, and what’s unsafe. We also know that practitioner ability and interest vary, so we built and patented equipment to ensure you get a great stretch every time, no matter your instructors experience, skill level or interest. 



Stretching equipment has also been used for centuries because it is well known that when the body is gently supported, it releases. It’s called “positional release.” The StretchFit approach is to use modern equipment to target specific muscles and to facilitate maximum support and relaxation in each stretch. 


What’s different about our approach?

Anyone who has studied medical science knows that muscles are found in compartments, or bundles. A well known example is the hamstrings, a bundle of 4 muscles at the back of the thigh. Our approach is to isolate each of the bodies compartments and stretch them methodically, just as weight training equipment does.

It’s, anatomically based, precise, and no one is left guessing “am I doing it right!?” 

At StretchFit we also hold stretches for 2 to 3 minutes. Research shows that this is the minimum period of time for biological adaptation. 

StretchFit uses a method called PNF or contract/relax stretching. Its use is common in physiotherapy and osteopathy.  Although it sounds complex, its simple to perform and vastly accelerates the acquisition of flexibility. 


Our teachers

Our teachers are the highest trained in the industry. There are five individual StretchFit training manuals and training is personally conducted by StretchFit creator Anthony Lett. Anthony has released 8 books on stretching including 4 Amazon bestsellers and lectured internationally on stretching in 25 countries. 



About Us


Anthony Lett

StretchFit was created by international Pilates presenter and author Anthony Lett. In his 25 years of teaching and coaching, Anthony has worked with professional athletes, musicians, dancers, Olympic marathon runners and martial artists including world’s no. 6 ranked karate champion. Anthony has written 9 books on Pilates and stretching, including 4 Amazon best sellers.

Convinced of the powerful mind-body impact of effective stretching, Anthony designed this program; wrote all StretchFit training material and co-designed the equipment to maximize benefits and flexibility for people of any age or ability in the simplest manner possible.

Anthony has qualifications in a wide range of fields including Philosophy (La Trobe), Sports Science (Australian Institute of Sport), Exercise Medicine (Monash University), Clinical Anatomy (Monash University), Mind/Body Medicine (MIT) and Health as a Buddhist Practice (Nan Tien University). In 1995 Anthony was named the Victorian & Australian Coach of the Year by Tennis Australia.


Kenyi Diaz

Is a professional Pilates instructor originally from Venezuela. With a background in dance, and training in classical and contemporary Pilates, Kenyi began teaching Innovations in Pilates in 2009. Kenyi has taught Innovations workshops throughout Asia, Europe and South America.  A skilled graphic artist, Kenyi desinged and co-authored the matwork book and ebook titled Innovations in Pilates.

In 2019 Kenyi published "The Pilates Wunda Chair"


Kenyi is a wellness coach with a special interest in nutrition, relaxation and stress management.