What to expect in a StretchFit group class

  • Don’t stress! Relaxation is the key to stretching success.

  • You will have a “combination station” to work on for the entire session.

  • Please bring a towel, water bottle, arrive on time and warm if possible. (We don’t use candles or crystals!)

  • You can ask questions at all times.

  • In a very small group, we will work through all of the major muscle groups of the body. These include for example the anterior, posterior, and medial thighs.

  • Each group is isolated and stretched individually. (If you would like more details on this anatomically based approach, let us know and we will send you some)

  • Each stretch is held for approximately 2 minutes. A timer with a pleasant chime will help to guide you.

  • We use a method called PNF or contract/relax stretching. It’s simple in practice. Accelerates progress and we will cover it in class.

  • Each stretch should be performed to the Point of Tension only. This equates to around 6 out of ten in terms of discomfort. Unlike other forms of training, pushing yourself harder than this does not bring better results. It’s “time under tension” that matters most.

  • Classes are conducted in a quiet, relaxed, humorous, and non-competitive environment. The emphasis is on a working with a sense of gentle discipline towards yourself and your body.

Who is suitable for a class format and who isn’t?

Stretchfit group classes are suitable for almost anyone from the age of around 13 to 80!

The equipment means that you can find both the stretch and the intensity that’s right for you. If you have niggling aches and pains, are a “weekend warrior” or work at a sedentary job, we ‘re pretty sure you’ll love the experience.

If you experience chronic pain, have a medical condition, or see a physio, osteo, chiro, massage therapist or other medical or health professional regularly we suggest you have a private session before attending a class. It may be that you are better suited to our StretchFit “clinics,” see below.

What is a StretchFit Clinic?


  • A SF clinic is where clients attend the studio to work on their own personal program under staff supervision.

  • Clients in clinical practice are those with particular needs. They range from seniors, sufferers of chronic pain, athletes needing sports specific flexibility or recovery training, martial artists, and dancers.

In addition to stretching, clinical clients can make use of the studios “theraguns.”

How many sessions are recommended a week?

This is a tough one without meeting you, but generally:

One session a week can suffice for general maintenance of your current range of movement, recovery, and for the "feel-good" factor. If you are doing other forms of stretching like Yoga or Pilates, it can also be a very effective supplement, particularly if you want to target a specific region.

Two sessions per week are terrific and will bring about some serious long-term change in your flexibility, pain management, and other hormonal benefits like reduced blood pressure.

Three sessions are not for everyone but can be suitable for athletes during heavy training periods and people like dancers, whose profession demands great flexibility.

What is the different equipment designed for?

The "Combinations Station" is the principal piece of SF equipment. As the title suggests, it is designed so that you can perform targetted stretches for the entire body-over 50 in all-on the one station. We also have a "splitter!" which we use for targetted front and side splits positions. All our equipment is designed to make stretching safe, simple, and effective. 


Like to discuss your needs? Call Anthony on 0424 328 200 or drop into the studio at 33 Longland St Newstead (opposite Gasworks.)