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Are you struggling with tight hamstrings and back pain?


If your story is like many of the stories our clients tell it goes something like this. "I've tried physio, chiro, massage, specialists, gym training and stretching at home, but nothing seems to have worked. I've had scans and X-rays too but I'm still really stiff and sore." What's going one here? To put it simply, if your kind of back pain is the type that is caused by stiff muscles, you probably haven't stretched them properly yet, and so you haven't got a positive result. "Properly" means precise stretches, targeting specific muscles, for periods of 3 to 5 minutes, done two times a week at the minimum. If you haven't done that, don't expect positive results. 

Leading stretching expert Anthony Lett is providing these simple but powerful stretches from his book “StretchFit, Safe effective stretches for every body” to help you enjoy freedom from back pain and ease of movement again, right now, and well into the future.

Discover how to get unstuck with this free ebook "How Old are your Hamstrings"  to eliminate aches and pains and improve wellbeing.

Thousands of people have benefited from the practice of stretching with Anthony. Anthony uses a modern scientific approach that accelerates your progress by resetting your brain's image of what is “normal.” This re-education process helps you to:

  • reduce pain and accumulated muscle tension

  • free up your hips to reduce the load on your back

  • get moving again without stiffness or the fear of injury

  • continue your active lifestyle

  • practice stress management techniques anywhere, anytime

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