Below are a collection of articles for your pleasure! Selected from our teacher training materials and newsletters, we hope they give you some further information on the art and science of stretching and our particular approach to it.

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The Elbow Flexors
10 minute read

This slightly technical article gives you some insight into our anatomically based approach, including images and stretches, and the effect of tight biceps on posture.

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The Diaphragm
10 minute read

Such an integral part of our survival, this important muscle needs to be strengthened and stretched, and it can also be used to stretch your back muscles. Article includes anatomy, stretches and overview of the function of the diaphragm.

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Piriformis Syndrome
5 minute read

Pain in the bottom (gluteal region) extending down the leg is common and can result from various causes. One is tightness in some of the gluteal muscles, the piriformis muscle in particular. Read about it here, including symptoms, stretches and images.

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The Calves
10 minute read

Almost everyone has tight calves! Read about the anatomy, look at the number of “calves” and learn how to stretch them simply with a strap at home.

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Regional Stretching- the Unique StretchFit Approach
15 minute read

Muscles are found in regions throughout the body. Each region has a bunch of muscles with similar actions for example, the anterior thigh below. Stretching muscle regions makes stretching simple, effective and ensures nothing is missed. We call it a “Person centred” rather than “Pose centred” approach. Read about the key tenets of our approach, see real Life examples, and find out what makes it both safe and precise.

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The Lats
5 minute read

The lats are a very large muscle with a multitude of functions. Read about their role in posture, movement and how to stretch them here.

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What is Contract/Relax stretching?
5 minute read

Contract/relax stretching is a simple process that vastly accelerates the acquisition of flexibility. Read about how to perform it in this simple article that includes the 3 step approach, photos, and a bit about the neurological mechanisms involved for the geeks among us!

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Why a bodybuilding approach works for stretching
2 minute read

Body builders isolate each muscle group in the body and through resistance training, make each group stronger. Read about how such a thorough approach can serve us well when thinking about and planning stretching assessments and programs.

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How often should I stretch?
5 minute read

The answer to this question involves some discussion about human variation, general training principles, the stress/adaptation cycle and how we adapt to the stretching process. The verdict? Click to find out!


Why we don't have class standards
5 minute read

Intuitively, it seems that having classes for different standards makes sense. However, there's a different way of working at StretchFit that makes any session useful for any body. Click to investigate.

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Hip Flexors
5 minute read

Do you have tight hip flexors and are confused about whether you should stretch them, and how best to do it?


Can you teach an old dog to stretch?
5 minute read

Do you think you're too old to stretch and improve your mobility and flexibility? Think again! This short article explains how the body adapts to stretching and that if you're able to put on weight, (and who isn't!?)  you're also able to grow muscle and become more flexible.


The Stiffies Club
5 minute read

When it comes to stretching, men are indeed unique creatures! Read about their special needs and how the stiffies Club evolved to help men who are stiff in all the wrong places!

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Stress, blood sugar & stretching.
What’s the relationship?  

5 minute read

Stress and its effects on our bodies is the primary health issue in the developed world. Read about how stretching can effectively manage and in fact, reduce stressful situations in your life. You'll also see why lying around is actually really good for you!

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Stretching your quads
5 minute read

Have you ever wondered if it's worth stretching your quads? Assuming that it is, what's the best way to do it? Check out the StretchFit approach in this short article. Including studio photos and relevant anatomy