Title: How the hamstrings, hip flexors,  glutes, and abdominals muscles affect posture, pelvic alignment, and stretching


Audience: StretchFit and Yoga students, Bodyworkers including massage therapists, myo and physiotherapists, Pilates and Yoga teachers.


Many of us are confused about how the muscles of the hips affect our posture, pain, and our ability to stretch effectively. . Even fewer of us know how to activate them effectively so that we can stretch their opposing muscles safely and effectively.


 In this workshop you will look at:


  • the action and line of pull of the hip muscles
  • how to visualize the pelvis as a wheel to enhance your practice and your teaching
  • the "force couple" relationships around the muscles of the hips-what that means and how to experience it in your body
  • how to effectively cue the activation of these muscles and when and why you would want to
  • how this information will help you stretch more effectively forever after


During the workshop


  • You will make some of the hip muscles out of clay on your skeleton. It's great fun and there's no better way to learn anatomy!
  • Your work will be supported by stunning live 3D graphics and video.
  • You will then stretch all of the muscles of the hips on our StretchFit equipment, (or on the mat if you prefer). You can experience how they contract, how they are stretched effectively, how to cue them and how to use this information in your own practice- at home and in your classes as a teacher or student.



The course includes a full digital manual, and all materials-skeletons, plasticine, and tools.


Course teacher: Anthony Lett. Anthony has taught Pilates Anatomy worldwide in 28 countires and is the author of 8 books in Stretching and Pilates.


Course Location: StretchFit studio, 33 Longland st Newstead Brisbane.


Cost: Early Bird price by May 24 / $60.60

          Full cost $79.

Pelvic Workshop

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