This level one Studio training course, with Anthony Lett, author of 8 books on Stretching and Pilates, will teach you all the fundamentals of the Stretchfit concept including:


  • Range of movement assessment and manual.
  • 60 safe PNF stretches on specially designed, beautiful and effective stretching stations.
  • How to create personal “stretch-outs” for clients.
  • Licensing and studio ownership options.
  • Class plans and StretchFit clinic templates.
  • Essential anatomy, hands-on and cuing techniques specific to stretching.
  • The latest research on stretching, pain science, neurophysiology and fascia stretching.
  • Now is your chance to join a worldwide team of caring, ethical, highly trained health professionals.


“Anthony Lett has developed a remarkable system of exercises, professional training, and equipment that supports therapeutic muscle stretching”.


Sofia M.