Stretching has been practiced for millennia in various forms. Stretching equipment has also been used for centuries because it is well known that when the body is gently supported, it releases. It’s called “positional release.” The StretchFit approach is to use modern equipment to target specific muscles and to facilitate maximum support and relaxation in each stretch. 

You can’t get it wrong, and you can’t feel silly because it's focused and easy.

 It’s a stretch experience like no other. You’ll feel like a well-oiled machine again!


What’s different about our approach?

In addition to our exclusive equipment, we use an approach well known in the field of exercise and medical science called PNF, which uses the bodies reflexes to rapidly improve your flexibility gains. It's simple to use and profound in its effects. 


Or teachers

Our teachers are the highest trained in the industry. There are five individual StretchFit training manuals and training is personally conducted by StretchFit creator Anthony Lett. (Link) Anthony has released 7 books on stretching including 3 Amazon bestsellers and lectured internationally on stretching in 25 countries.