Are practiced on our practitioner assisted tables or “PAT’s.” The tables use leverage and body weight to maximize stretch effectiveness and enable a range of hands-on and taught stretches. (You’re not dependent on the strength the teacher either!) Clients ‘receive’ stretches, but also learn some self-stretching approaches using the specialized PAT. The PAT also allows you to share a session with a partner. 



StretchFit clinics enable clients to practice a personalized program under supervision. Each client is given a thorough range of movement assessment and follow up program. Clients then come along to the clinic and practice their program under the supervision of a teacher. Programs can be adjusted or varied at any time under the guidance of your teacher. Clinics are popular with clients who are injured, elderly or in rehabilitation. 


Follow along classes are run on our incredible “Combination Station.” The station facilitates over 60 stretches with variations. Clients are assessed and can join the “Stiffies” group, (for those who are stiff in all the wrong places!) or the more advanced “Body Benders.” Every class covers all the major muscle groups of the body in a precise and methodical approach. Led classes are suitable for every body although injured or elderly clients might do better in a private or clinic environment.