Types of classes



StretchFit studio is Brisbane’s only stretch gym. We provide private sessions, group classes, clinics, and unsupervised memberships. 


Quick info:


  • Group classes can be attended on a casual basis, or you can buy bundles of five or ten sessions. There's also a direct debit option.  

  • Clinics are where clients attend the studio to work at their own personal program under supervision, after first attending a private session.

  • We offer two types of Pilates classes, see below.



Private and Semi-private


Sessions for StretchFit and Pilates Reformer & Pilates Wunda Chair are available by appointment 7 days a week. Please call Anthony or email for details. 




StretchFit Group Class 


Stretch without the dogma where classes are all about the person, not the pose! 


  • For clients of any ability who want to improve their flexibility safely and efficiently. 

  • All of the major muscle groups of the body are targeted in a simple step-by-step approach.

  • The specialized equipment means there is no guessing “am I doing it right?” and small groups of 6 ensure maximum focus on you.


 Attend casually, buy a bulk pass or a weekly direct debit option. Click here to purchase


Men's Only Stiffies classes


A class just for men who are stiff in all the wrong places! Lots of men have tried Yoga and Pilates but many find it overly complicated or emabrrassing, especially when standing in the centre of a class full of bendy females! Our Stiffies class strips away all the complex repetoire and offers simple but effective stretches on our purpose built equipment. No tying yourself in knotts and no awkard moments! 


Book a single class and give it a try here: https://app.squarespacescheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=18094698



StretchFit Clinics


During clinics, clients attend the studio to work on their own personal programs under staff supervision.


  • Clients in these groups range from seniors, sufferers of chronic pain, athletes needing sports-specific flexibility & recovery training, martial artists, and dancers.

  • In addition to stretching, clinical clients can make use of the studio's “theraguns” and heat therapy.

  • Clients who take out a clinic "subscription" can also attend group classes, providing a greater choice of weekly sessions.



Pilates Wunda Chair & Pilates Reformer Classes


The Pilates reformer and Wunda chair classes provide strength, mobility, toning, and core strength. And they’re great fun!

  •  Classes include a fusion of reformer and Wunda chair with 4 clients, and Wunda chair only classes, also with 4 clients. 

  •   Attend casually, buy a bulk pass or a weekly direct debit option. Click here to purchase