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Private and semi-private sessions for StretchFit and Pilates are available by appointment 7 days a week. Please call Anthony or email for details. 



StretchFit Led Group ...no dogma and classes are all about the person, not the pose!  


  •  For clients of any ability who want to improve their flexibility safely and efficiently. 

  •  All of the major muscle groups of the body are targeted. 

  • The specialized equipment means there's no guessing “am I doing it right?” and small groups ensure maximum focus on you. 

  • Where indicated, clients will branch off from the group to focus on their own needs or a specific program. 

  •  Pilates reformer exercises may also be integrated.



Stiffies classes -  are you stiff in all the wrong places? 


  •  a men's only class that combines the core strength exercises from Pilates, with the targeted stretching from StretchFit. 

  • Small groups of 5 allow close supervision and the equipment makes it simple. 

  • There's no chanting, no posing, and no guessing "am I doing it right." 

  • 75 minutes for more time and less stress



Fusion classes 


  • A blend of Pilates and StretchFit. 

  • For anybody who has one or two tight areas but also needs the focused Pilates strength and stability work.

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