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Private and semi-private sessions for StretchFit and Pilates are available by appointment 7 days a week. Please call Anthony or email for details. 



StretchFit Led Group sessions are led by Anthony or Kenyi for healthy clients who want to improve their flexibility safely and efficiently. Classes run for 60 minutes and all of the major muscle groups of the body are targeted. The specialized equipment means there's no guessing “am I doing it right?” and small groups ensure maximum focus on you. There’s no dogma and classes are all about the person, not the pose!



StretchFit clinics are for clients who would like a specially designed flexibility program. This can be for athletes, sufferers of chronic pain (back pain and neck pain for example,) or seniors. Of course, anyone who would like a tailored program can apply! You’ll need a one-hour full body flexibility assessment and then you can attend studio clinics to practice your program under constant supervision. 



Stiffies classes -  are you stiff in all the wrong places? The "stiffies" is a men's only class that combines the core strength exercises from Pilates, with the targeted stretching from StretchFit. Small groups of 6 allow close supervision and the equipment makes it simple. There's no chanting, no posing, and no guessing "am I doing it right." 


Fusion classes are a blend of Pilates and Stretchfit. They are for anybody who has one or two tight areas but also needs the focused Pilates strength and stability work.