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Teacher Training at the StretchFit Academy


At StretchFit, we take the training of teachers seriously. Our training academy provides substantial anatomy studies along with experiential and supervised teaching practice. Through our teachers portal, we provide ongoing professional development. 


StretchFit Academy

Our training academy provides 3 types of teacher training certification.


  1. Full studio training on the StretchFit combination station and StretchFit splitter.

    Full studio certification is for franchise owners and has three levels. Each level includes 7 days of training with ongoing mentoring and supervision.

    Subjects include "Stretching with special populations, injuries & pathologies," "Stretching and anatomy,"  "basic and advanced assessment skills," "mind-body techniques & relaxation strategies."


  2. StretchFit “tabletop” practitioner training (including mat/floor alternatives)

    Practitioner training is for teachers and trainers who want to work one-on-one with clients and patients. 

    The hands-on assisted stretching techniques can be used on our specially designed practitioner table or on a massage table or floor. 

    StretchFit TableTop has 2 levels, one called Tabletop trainer, the second called TableTop therapist. Each certification takes 7 days.



More details? Email us now for dates and course outlines

Our Education Advisor


We are honored to have Dr. Gerry Ahern as our consultant/advisor. Gerry advises on course content and previews all of our training manuals. Gerry has some terrific credentials!


Dr. Gerard Ahern (MBBS) is Clinical Anatomist, Final Year Coordinator and GP Coordinator (University of Notre Dame), Honorary Senior Fellow in Anatomy (University of Melbourne), Member Board of Examiners (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists), Honorary Associate Professor (Oceania University), Tutor and Lecturer (Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) & co-author of the best-selling book ‘General Anatomy’.


Graduates of our courses are recognized for practitioner insurance with AON insurance, as Stretch Therapists.